UI/UX, Graphic Design, Visual Communication
I’ve worked on a wide variety of purpose driven landers for CBT Nuggets’ marketing, support, and product departments.  I work directly with stakeholders to identify goals and requirements and then create simple, scannable, useful landers with strong calls to action.
IT Horror Stories
For several years CBT Nuggets’ marketing department has run an annual competition where individuals submit their biggest IT related blunders - mistakes made on the job, natural disasters, unintended consequences, you name it.  I was tasked with creating a unique visual identity for the promotion and a lander to provide information, official rules, and prize information. 
The contest winners also received posters that I created based on their individual submissions, designed in a horror movie style.
Apps page
CBT Nuggets needed a landing page to inform its users about their various mobile app offerings. While app features are largely consistent across platforms, I chose to keep the page content-light in order to drive users to the individual app stores, where the best, most accurate information can be found.
On mobile, we were able to query for iOS and Android devices to simplify the call to action, and reduce any confusion.
Why eLearning?
For eLearning content providers, communicating the benefits of self-directed, on-demand learning is a constant struggle.  For many, classroom learning is all they're familiar and comfortable with.  Working closely with marketing copywriters and user researchers, I was tasked with putting together a lander that explains the unique benefits of eLearning.
Trainer Recruitment
CBT Nuggets needed a landing page to inform prospective trainers about the value of working with CBT Nuggets and give them a way to make contact.  Working with the learning content team and our content strategist, I put together this light-weight, informative lander.
Error Pages
I was asked to create a series of simple, effective 404, 500, and site maintenance pages.  They needed to be friendly and calm, but fully accountable to the fact that a problem has occurred that we are working to resolve.
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