Design, Visual Communication
At CBT Nuggets I worked on a wide range of iconography projects all aimed at creating an intuitive, usable system of visual communication throughout our product and marketing initiatives.
CBT Nugget’s Icon System
I was tasked with creating a new system of icons that would be flexible, simple, and consistent.  I began by prototyping a small handful of icons that represented a diverse range of features in styles ranging from complex, to extremely simple.
Through design team feedback and low fidelity preference testing, we arrived on a minimalist, monoline icon style based on an even stroke weight and a simple circular grid.
Strengthsfinder badges
As a part of onboarding new employees at CBT Nuggets, team members are asked to complete Gallup’s “Strengthsfinder” assessment.  I was tasked with creating 31 unique badges for each of the Strengthsfinder “strengths” to be displayed along with employee name and department information online and at individual work stations.
Infrastructure icon set
I was tasked with creating a set of icons to represent unique clients, services, workers, and datastores leveraged by CBT Nuggets' various software development teams.  The icons were created specifically for Jira integration, but are also being used by a variety of development-specific tools.
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