Design, Illustration, Visual Communication
CBT Nuggets’ marketing department has a robust content marketing strategy that includes weekly campaigns that promote various IT training topics via blog content, social media, and email marketing.  For a number of years I was responsible for creating suites of branded campaign imagery on a weekly basis. The goal was to create campaigns that stood out from one another visually, but which communicated the content that they represented with a consistent degree of quality.
Weekly Campaigns
Below are samples of campaign imagery from a few of my very favorite seasonal and weekly campaigns. 
At CBT Nuggets I was tasked with creating a variety of infographics to promote various learning topics and to provide users with useful product information. Infographics are always fun and highly collaborative.  I work directly with marketing copywriters and stakeholders throughout the process to craft a visuals that are scannable, and communicate the overall message while including the vast array of data points.
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